Chemicals Boiler 745
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27 Feb 2019
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Chemicals Boiler

Specification of Chemicals Boiler 745

Chemical boiler treatment for increasing pH and alkalinity, chemical boiler Aquatrol 745 is suitable for use in boilers with large and small capacity.

Aquatrol 745 is a boiler treatment chemical product that has functions:

1. Increasing pH (pH buider)

As the name implies pH builder is a chemical used to increase the degree of acidity (pH) in boiler water. Water in boilers that have too low pH will cause rapid corrosion of the boiler pipe, which will result in leakage or loss of the boiler pipe. To prevent that, it is necessary to increase the pH of the chemical injected into the boiler water, so that it can reach the required pH of 10-12.

2. Alkali Builder

As the name implies, this boiler chemical is used to condition water in the boiler so that it is at a safe level of alkalinity. And it does not come from impurities that can make the boiler decrease its efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Anti foam

guarding so that no fouling occurs in the boiler water so that no carry over occurs that can cause corrosion and wet steam in the steam pipe that leads to the product.

3. Sludge dispersant

Serves to prevent mud from the chemical reaction that is formed does not settle on the boiler pipe.

Aquatrol 745 with raw materials originating from the USA and dimixed in Indonesia by skilled and experienced workers. Aquatrol 745 can be used directly without mixing water again, so the boiler operator does not need to do work more like mixing powdered boiler chemicals with water. Aquatrol 745 chemical boiler is very environmentally friendly and food grade so it is also suitable for the garment, textile, dyeing, laundry, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Aquatrol 745 has the main content of alkaline alkaline, antifoam and sludge dispersant which is clear in color with 30 kg / pail packaging. In its use the boiler chemical Aquatrol 745 can be combined with Aquatrol 720.

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